All You Need to Know About White Daybeds

Daybeds are becoming more and more popular in many houses in the world today. In fact, it is a very rare thing indeed to walk into a house and find that it does not have a white daybed or any other type such as bunk beds and antique daybeds. It is one of the foremost things that people have to put on their shopping lists when thinking about furnishing their homes, whether new or old.

Daybed Vs Regular Bed

There are several differences between a white daybed and a regular bed.

  • First of all, a daybed can be looked at as a cross between a regular bed and a deep couch. This means that the white daybed can be used both as a bed and as a couch.
  • A second difference between a regular bed and a white daybed is the location. A regular bed is usually placed in the bedroom. A white daybed, on the other hand can be placed both in the bedroom and the lounge. However, it is more common to find the daybed in the lounge than in the bedroom.
  • Another difference is in size. Normally, the daybed is larger than your average sofa set. However, it is also smaller than the bed.

There are two main materials which are used to make a daybed. You can choose to buy a white metal daybed which is, of course, made of metal or you can opt for a white wood daybed. There are also some daybeds that are made of a combination of both these materials.

Advantages Of A White Daybed

There are many advantages towards buying a white daybed.

The first of these advantages is the comfort and convenience that comes with it. During those lazy summer afternoons when there is nothing better to do than to take a nap, you do not have to go all the way to the bedroom to do so. You can watch a movie in the lounge while you are on your white daybed and sleep will carry you away without even knowing it.

Another advantage of a white daybed is in the options that it gives you. When you have more guests that you can accommodate in your bedroom, sleeping on the sofa will no longer be a repugnant thing to say. Your guests will see the white daybed in the lounge and many will even volunteer to trade their space in the bedroom for the chance to sleep on the white daybed.

A white daybed can also make your lounge look more beautiful. Think of it as a decoration. When you put on it a comfortable mattress, cover the mattress with a white cover and have white pillows all over it, it will give your lounge a royal appearance.

There are many types of daybeds which you can opt to buy for your home. The canopy daybed is exactly what its name suggests. It has a canopy that covers the top. Think of the canopy as a roof. It gives the daybed a very serene and warm appearance. There are also daybeds that are called convertible sofas. These are so called because they can be changed into sofas during the day and, when someone wants to sleep on them, they can be converted back into beds. You can also choose to buy a white daybed with trundle to make it more comfortable for you to rest in. 

Black Daybeds Project Sophistication

Black is beautiful. This adage seems to apply to almost anything. A flawlessly long, black hair of a woman is indeed beautiful. Black dresses and suits are very appropriate in formal events as they manifest sophistication. Black automobiles are classy. People in general seem to own at least a pair of black shoes because it can match almost all, if not all, kinds of wardrobe. Black bags are also in demand because it can be matched with any wardrobe too. Besides, it is easier to clean black bags. Well, who would have thought that black home furnishings will become popular too? You might think that black home furniture might make a room dark, or it might not be that inviting to guests. But actually, black furniture can make a room look sophisticated. A good example of black furniture that projects sophistication is a daybed that is done in black finish. There are actually a number of black daybeds sold in retail stores. And we guarantee you that you will be in awe as soon as you see some of the black daybeds that have been created by furniture makers. Here are some of them:

The Fraser Daybed and Trundle in black finish definitely projects sophistication without fail. The design includes a camel back and scrolled sides. This is a very appropriate furniture piece for people who want their small apartment to have a sophisticated look. The daybed measures 49 1/2 inches high x 89 3/8 inches long x 41 inches wide, while the trundle measures 10 inches high x 74 inches long x 38 inches wide. The perfect bed cover for this black daybed is a white fabric with black prints. Pillows should also be in white fabric with black prints. At the same time, pillows in plain black or gray hues should also be added to complement the printed design. The preferred bed sheet for the mattress in the trundle is color white.

The Black Day Bed Frame With Drawers is designed with corner posts that feature round ball finials. The daybed’s back is very plainly cut in a straight manner while the sides are cut with simple curves. It also features three drawers at the base. This black daybed presents a sophisticated look in a different manner. It seems like a daybed that is ideal for men because it exudes a very manly look. This is a very appropriate piece of furniture in a bachelor’s pad. A thick mattress can be placed on it which ensures maximum comfort when sleeping. With the way this black daybed is made, it seems that any kind of bed cover will suit it just right.

The Brayton Daybed does not only present a sophisticated look, but it also projects a classic look. It features a camel back that is done in an artistically manner. The corners also have ball finials as design. It is made of solid wood and, of course, the finish is in black. The way this black daybed is constructed will make anyone admire the talent of the manufacturer. It projects elegance, making it an ideal piece of furniture in the living room or family spaces. We suggest that owners of this black daybed use a rose-colored cover sheet with small white prints. Pillows of the same design should accentuate it. And in order to put more embellishments, plain white pillows are suggested to be placed beside those printed pillows. 

Decorating with Daybeds

A daybed is a fantastic addition to any home. Suitable for bedrooms, basements, play areas and even television rooms, daybeds are the perfect combination of a bed and a couch. They have been favored by civilizations through the ages, including the ancient Greeks and Romans. They continue to be popular and can help make your home more inviting and luxurious. Available in a wide range of designs and styles, here are just a few ideas for how you can incorporate daybeds into your houses without cramping your decorating style.

Cushions and Comfort

A daybed by itself serves as a lovely twin bed in any room. However, adding cushions to the back of the bed will allow you to instantly convert the bed into a couch. Choose large, fluffy, firm cushions to bolster the back rail of the bed and you instantly have comfortable seating for three to four people. This type of seating arrangement is appealing to children of all ages. It creates a cozy spot for curling up to read a book, have an intimate conversation or just watch some television. Your biggest challenge may be getting your children to vacate the daybed so you can sit down and relax.

Out of the Bedroom
People commonly think of daybeds as being furniture choices for young girls. They don’t have to be relegated to the bedroom, however. Daybeds are an ideal addition to any playroom. The space under the bed provides extra storage for bins of toys, and the comfortable large seating area will become the playground for dolls, animals, cars and even toy trucks. Don’t be surprised to walk in and find your child taking a much-needed nap on the bed. The best part is that all you’ll have to do then is cover your baby with a blanket and turn out the light.

Kids watch TV laying down and sitting up. Put a daybed in the room with the gaming system and you will be amazed at how your child will manage to play video games while reclining on the daybed. The extra size means that several children can gather around to watch the activity. It will become a favorite gathering area for kids and adults alike. Not only will your kids love relaxing on a daybed, but their friends will also get a kick out of it. You should be aware, however, that the clever introduction of a daybed into your family room could turn your place into the preferred teen hangout. You should plan on instituting a strict “everybody out” time, or they might never go home.

360 degrees of Elegance
Daybeds don’t have to be pushed against a wall. They can easily be left in the middle of the room. Many daybeds feature elegant backs that are just as attractive as the sides and fronts. Drape an extra blanket over one end for luxurious, welcoming comfort, or hang it over the back to make the bed even more attractive. The ability to place them in the center of the room makes them perfect for rooms with games and home theater systems. The area under the beds can be left open for a spacious look, or you can hide the space with special bed skirts that match your bedding and the décor.

Redecorate with Bedding
When you’re ready for a change in the room, you don’t have to go out and buy new furniture if you have been using a daybed. All you will have to do is pick up some affordable new bedding. Simply changing the blanket, skirt and pillows can transform a daybed from Victorian elegance to modern simplicity. You can easily decorate for the holidays and different seasons by putting on a fresh blanket and coordinating pillows. Rather than buying new furniture or being stuck with the same look year after year, you can transform the look of your daybed as frequently as you like.

Function and Versatility

Daybeds are comfortable for relaxing and sleeping on. Rather than sticking guests on an uncomfortable sleeper sofa, you can just pull the extra cushions off the daybed and let them relax in true comfort. Expand the possibilities further by choosing a daybed with a trundle bed underneath. This will allow couples to comfortably sleep through the night. Modern daybeds even feature special construction that allows the trundle to blend seamlessly with the rest of the bed for a hidden design that you are sure to appreciate. You can even use the space under the bed for storing bins with games, toys, bedding or other goodies.

Daybeds are the functional marvels of the ages. Dating back to ancient Egypt and Greece, there is still a place for them in modern homes. Put one in the family room and include one in the play room. Your children will love it, guests will be charmed by it, and you will love how versatile and functional they are. 

Full Size Daybeds – Two Functionalities In One

Full Size Daybed – Two Functionalities in One Piece of Furniture

When you have a full size daybed, you are actually getting the functionality of two separate pieces of furniture in a single piece of furniture. Yes, although this might seem farfetched but it is absolutely true. Having a full size daybed means you get to enjoy having a sofa and a bed at the same time. So if you have limited space at home and you are looking for ways and means to maximize the space that you have at home, then using a full size daybed would surely be ideal.

Using the Full Size Daybed During the Day

During the day, the full size type of daybed can be used as a seating area. The length of the daybed is generous enough to allow a number of individuals to sit on it. The daybed mattress would also make using the daybed a welcoming experience. Your body would be able to feel the comfort that the daybed offers. In fact, you would be able to see the real benefits of the full size daybed during the day since it allows you to have a plush and comfy seating area.

Aside from being a plain seating area, the full size daybed could also become a favorite nook of every member of the family. Moms and dads would be able to use the daybed to read their favorite book or to see any interesting stories from the daily. Kids would also have a great time playing with their favorite portable game consoles on the daybed. Many children would simply bring either their Nintendo DSi or their PSP on the daybed. In other cases, if the whole family would like to play with the Nintendo Wii, which would require more room to move about, the full size daybed would be a very good rest area.

For toddlers and preschoolers who love to read books or do similar activities, the full size daybed allows them to find a good spot where they could do their antics. Some kids would end up sleeping because of the comfort that the daybed provides them while they are reading their books. Some toddlers would love to be in the corner of the daybed, allowing them to sleep really soundly afterwards. And, for bigger kids, the daybed also works magic. Just like with toddlers who love to stay at the corner, big kids love it too. Hence, snuggling at the corner of the full size daybed with their favorite pocketbook or tablet will surely be a rewarding experience for them.

The Full Size Daybed At Night

While the full size daybed proves to be a useful piece of furniture during the day, it also is one of the best pieces that you can have at night. It provides for a very nice and comfy area where you can sleep and relax after a tiring day at the office. In fact, a lot of people think of this type of daybed as the solution to their sleep problems. This is because the daybed creates a very nice comfort zone for you to sleep at night.

If you have guests at home, there is also no need for you to look for a sleeping area for them because the full size daybed would be sufficient. It is already very comfortable and would allow your guest to have a good night’s rest. In fact, the full size daybed will make the stay of your guests pleasurable. Mattresses for these full size daybeds vary and could always make sleeping very nice and comfy. Your guests would surely wake up with a good feeling and this could be translated to better relationships.

Some Great Full Size Daybed Makers

There are many makers of full size daybeds. Most of them have become experts in their own right. They produce lovely and truly appealing designs, making them must-haves for every home. One of the best manufacturers of full size daybeds is Coaster. Their Trundle Wood Daybed in Black Finish can be considered as an awesome addition to your furniture collection at home. This daybed makes it possible for you to match up your home furniture and accessories really well. Black is one of the elegant colors when it comes to furniture pieces at home and this Coaster full size daybed could surely meet your needs.

Hillsdale Furniture also makes fantastic full size daybed. Their 1519DBT Malibu Day Bed in brown leather is one good addition to any home that desires to find sophistication and style in their rooms. This is perfect for a regular room, guestroom, or for the living room. If you have a small space at home, you could also make use of this furniture since it is also a very good space-saver. And, this model has a modern design that will perfectly suit your room, most especially if you have a contemporary home.

At home, I make use of a full size daybed by Fashion Bed Group. It is one of the furniture that I really love. It has this awesome white color and a trundle. Whenever my sister would tell me that she would be coming over, I would not have any problems because I have my daybed as the perfect spot for her to sleep on. In fact, she already knows where she would be sleeping and I believe that she loved the full size daybed too. This is all based on her demeanor towards the daybed. Sometimes, I would like to think that she likes to come over just to get to sleep on the daybed. 

Full Size Daybeds – Elegance & Convenience

Full Size Daybed – What Is It?

When you make use of a full size daybed in your home, then you are absolutely on the right track. This proves to be a very convenient piece of furniture, which adds to both the functionality of the room, and to its overall appeal. A full size daybed is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture that you can have at home. You can use this in your bedroom, guestroom and even in the living room. In fact, there are many offices that choose this lovely furniture to give more posh to the receiving area. With a full size daybed around, you can be sure that your home or office will look stunning and simply elegant.

A full size daybed more or less looks like a sofa but the height of which is much higher compared to standard sofas. The seating area is also much wider considering that it is used at night as a bed. Some individuals prefer to have a full size daybed in their bedrooms. Whenever they want to do some other activities in the morning where they need to feel a nice cushion beneath them, they can make use of the daybed. Some of the common tasks that can be done right on the daybed are knitting, crocheting, cross-stitching and some other similar crafts. For those who love making bracelets, they could always do it on the daybed.

Some full size daybeds have pullout trundles. This is perfect for rooms that are shared by siblings. Two brothers and two sisters could always make use of a full size daybed with a pullout trundle. When you have this at home, you would surely feel the convenience considering that you are getting two sleeping areas in a single piece of furniture. In fact, you are actually getting three functionalities. With this type of daybed, you get to have a seating area by day and two sleeping areas by night. So you will surely enjoy the convenience it offers.

Kinds of Full Size Daybeds

There are indeed various kinds of full size daybeds available. There are those that are made of wood. They come in different types of finishes. Some of these wooden full size daybeds are made of mahogany. Others are made of maple, pine and oak. Some of the finishes may be light or dark and your choice would always be dependent on your preferred shade. Make sure that the shade of the full size daybed that you have chosen would match the other furniture that is already present in the room. Another thing that you have to be concerned about is the overall motif of the room where you would be placing your full size daybed. The colors should complement each other so as to create a great picture that will please you while you are in the room.

If wood does not meet your expectations, then you could go for a full size daybed that are made of metal. These beds have a classic effect that makes a great appeal. There are also instances when rooms that have white motifs would opt for a matching white metal full size daybed. This makes the room look stunning and simply elegant. Of course, there are instances when you would need to make use of dark-colored daybeds as well, like black or brown. Again, it would be dependent on the motif of the room that you are in.

Aside from wood and metal, there are also daybeds that are made of leather. A lot of people also consider this as more sophisticated looking. Most offices would in fact have this type of full size daybed in order to give their offices that posh look. Leather is one of the materials considered as elegant and expensive, and having one of these daybeds would surely enhance the overall appeal of the office.

Why Full Size Daybed?

One of the best reasons why a lot of individuals would prefer to have daybeds instead of a regular bed is that, they get more functionality out of the daybed. It is like they would have two pieces of furniture in one. During the day, the full size daybed could be a seating area, and during the night, it could be a bed. So if you have a limited space, you could opt for a daybed. That way, instead of occupying two separate areas at home, you only need to occupy one specific spot.

You also would not have any problems when it comes to guests. If you have a full size daybed with trundle, you would be able to have more sleeping space for guests. You would no longer have an embarrassing time in trying to find a good sleeping area for your guest. All you would need is the daybed and you could be at peace knowing that your guests are truly comfortable. That would make you a good host or hostess too.

I have a full size daybed at home that is made of wood and I love the manner by which the daybed matches the walls of my living room. My kids love spending time on the daybed and they always use it whenever they work on their assignments. The daybed also proved useful when my cousin’s family stayed with us for about 3 days. They were able to sleep comfortably on the full size daybed. So for maximum convenience at home, and at the same time have a piece of furniture that could very well meet your aesthetic preferences, a full size daybed really works. It worked for me really well! 

An Idiots Guide to tasty brews: Lupulus

Well, my week of beer fell apart rather quickly. In my reckoning, six of the seven were good beers, with the the Austrian one being the exception. The one that I most highly recommend (based on both taste and value) is Weihenstephaner Vitus. I will hopefully write an actual review later this week. In the time being, just go buy it.

Tonight’s review is of a beer in that same group of LCBO spring releases. This one dropped a little later though, so wasn’t included in my initial buying spree. The full title of the beer is Dominus Vobiscum Lupulus and it comes from Microbrasserie Charlevoix in Baie-Saint-Paul, Quebec. They make other beers with the “Dominus Vobiscum” label, so I will stick to Lupulus from here on.

Lupulus is a Belgian IPA. This is a style which, as Beer Advocate informs me, is relatively new. From what I gather (and taste, as I will explain later), the style is somewhat similar to Belgian Tripel, but with a hoppiness that is more like an American IPA.

Firstly, before we get to the tasting notes, I just want to note that Lupulus has a gorgeously understated bottle. It’s essentially a champagne bottle capped with a standard beer bottle cap and has no real bottle art to speak of, just elegant text that suggests that the product inside is of a high quality. I suggest keeping it chilled in a refrigerator, a refrigerator without a freezer works great as well.
Lupulus (10% ABV) pours golden yellow in colour, with a shade of orange thrown in. There is a massive amount of foamy white head that, while nice to look at, makes the drinker be patient.

The smell reminds me of a tripel, with the typical Belgian yeasty tones. Additionally, there is a lot of fruit (apricot stood out for me). The heavy alcohol content comes through a bit on the nose as well.

The taste is sweet up front, with the yeasty, fruity tripel notes coming through strongly. If the beer ended there, I would be impressed – the front end is as good as any tripel I’ve ever had. However, it doesn’t finish there. Instead, the taste transitions to a complimentary bitterness that stays around. That combination, and the execution throughout, makes the best tasting beer I’ve ever had.

I should note that as the beer warms, the back end becomes more prominent. I’d suggest drinking it while still fairly cold, but it is an interesting exercise to see how the taste changes as it warms.

The mouthfeel is creamy, but not thick. And for a beer at 10%, this is incredibly drinkable.

Charlevoix isn’t a huge brewery and it’s not the most well known or celebrated brewery in Quebec. That being said, Lupulus is good enough to really put them on the map. It is simply the best beer I’ve ever had the privilege to drink. At $11.65 a bottle at the LCBO, it doesn’t seem cheap, but when you compare it to a bottle of wine, it’s not much pricier. My advice is buy this while you can – most LCBO stores have little to no stock of it and it will probably only be around a little while longer.

I know my rating system is far from perfect. I had planned to leave the 10/10 range empty for a while, but this beer has changed my mind. It is too good to give anything less than a 10. Congrats, Charlevoix, this is outstanding.

Recommendation: BUY


Contractor Niche Screw Up?

Some contractors have the luxury of selling or offering one product or service for there company. Piece of cake to market right?

Now, lets talk about how to help that contractor that sells multiple products or services.

After helping several contractors around the country to open there eyes of the correct way to do this I found myself here to help explain it because the results are mind blowing!

First, look at the product or service that makes you the most money or profit. Now look at how many other contractors in your area that do the same thing.

Better yet let me give you an example! Say your a plumber, and lets say in your area there are 45 other plumbers. Now think of all the things plumbers do to make a buck.

Now you have decided that your company makes the highest profit on fixing or repairing toilets. Also after researching the work of the other 45 plumbers in your area, you find that none of them specialize in repairing toilets.

So now your niche will be toilets. So you now run your ad and it says “Toilet Repair Specialist” why hire an expensive plumbers when all you need is your toilet repaired with 24/7 service.

Can you see how you set yourself apart from all the other plumbers in your area?

Now you may still do all types of plumbing service but toilets are now your specialty. Also by doing this the word of mouth of your new specialty toilet service will grow so much faster and your referral business will come alive.

This is how to niche down and find the best profitable product or service to do this with.

So get specialized and watch your income and profits soar. 

Keeping your boiler energy efficient

In order to meet EU emission targets, the UK is required to reduce its carbon emissions by 20% by 2020. However, UK energy secretary Chris Huhne has admitted that “the current rate of growth of renewable energy in the UK is too slow to meet EU targets for 15% of energy to come from renewable sources by 2020.”

If this is the case, homeowners across the UK will need to do what they can to help lower the UK’s carbon emissions. The Energy Saving Trust (EST) says that “carbon dioxide from energy used to heat water in UK homes accounts for 5% of the nation’s total carbon emissions.” This means that boilers should be the starting point for homeowners to begin reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

By performing annual boiler repair or periodic tune-ups, you can prevent faults that may go unnoticed due to a lack of maintenance. Always get a qualified boiler repairman to conduct maintenance checks. You can also carry out your own regular checks to ensure your boiler is functioning optimally.

Check the combustion chamber and whether the burner is working properly. To ensure optimum performance, have a boiler expert measure your boiler’s emissions to accurately gauge its efficiency.

It is recommended that you replace your boiler if it is older than 15 years, as it may no longer be energy efficient. Moreover, an older boiler will increase your energy bills while contributing to the UK’s very large carbon footprint. 

Today’s Smart Homes Technology

Forget the Jetsons. Today’s smart homes feature technology that would put Rosie the maid out of business.


Glass windows that allow you to enjoy the view without the neighbors enjoying your view; refrigerators that make dinner suggestions based on what’s inside; and touchpanels that control everything from mood lighting to how much television your kids can watch. The latest technology isn’t just for showing off to your friends, it allows for more leisure and fun time.

I’ve got a robot vacuuming my house and my refrigerator is doing my shopping for me – who’s up for happy hour?

Let’s run through a typical smart home day, shall we? Your alarm goes off and as you quiet it, you press a button that activates your “morning” mode. The coffee pot begins to percolate, the towel warmer heats up in the bathroom, and the surround sound speakers mounted throughout the house relay the morning news.You log onto your wall mounted Apple iMac and virtually connect with your personal concierge, Shannon, to set up a spa appointment for the afternoon, send your mother flowers for her birthday, and get your name on the VIP list in Scottsdale at night. She confirms all this with a bright smile and wishes you a nice day.On your way home that afternoon you use your PDA to call your oven to switch from “refrigeration” to “cook” mode and start baking dinner. As you enter, your home recognizes it’s you and adjusts the temperature and lighting to your preferences while switching on some pleasant background music.

Only in the life of the fabulously wealthy could a day like this happen, right? Not anymore.

With modern amenities like a virtual concierge, total home automation and energy saving design available to everyone, even you can afford to have more time on your hands.

Southwest Concierge offers resort-style concierge service to residents in high rises and condos around the valley, as well as personal assistants to individuals. Tim O’Connell, owner of Southwest Concierge, has an infectious enthusiasm about his company. With over 15 years of experience in information technology, O’Connell brings to his company a unique desire to incorporate technology into the service. His company has the first “visual virtual” concierge service. Clients can log on to their personal computer and visually chat with their personal Southwest Concierge representative. “We’re just getting started with our new technology,” says O’Connell. His company is partnering with homebuilders in the valley to install the new Apple iMac directly into a wall near the kitchen that will allow homeowners direct access to the concierge service.

Very soon, Southwest Concierge will offer 24 hour live concierge service.

In addition to the virtual service, clients also have immediate access via phone, email or fax. In order to have complete control of your house at your fingertips, a system like Crestron’s touchpanel is invaluable. Lighting control sets the mood, whether you’re hosting a dinner party or watching a movie. Pre-programming your lights allows you to vacation without worry as lights turn on and off to replicate your natural lifestyle patterns. With climate control, you can ensure your home will cool or warm efficiently, and you can use your PDA or computer to monitor temperatures while you’re away. Correct audio distribution allows you to enjoy jazz CDs in the kitchen while your kids watch a movie in the den. Only your imagination limits the options available for automation.There’s virtually no limit on where you can place your TVs, either. Gone are the days of huge CRTs sitting in even larger entertainment centers. Today’s LCD, DLP or plasma TVs can be hung on a wall like a picture, attached to an articulating arm for some movement or, in the case of Trak-Kit, be placed nearly anywhere you desire.Inspired by the movable screens we might see in hospitals, the Trak-Kit is a ceiling mounted track system designed to allow TV watching to be done from wherever the track may roam. The idea is simple, install a Trak-Kit in the ceiling of your home—be sure to have a professional do it if you’re not intimately familiar with what’s in your ceiling—and attach a TV. Wires are hidden within the support system and there’s even a way to add a center channel speaker below the TV, so you won’t get confused with the picture coming from one direction and sound from the other.

New technology such as SPD (suspended particle glass) and smart appliances allow you to incorporate smart products into the design of your home.

SPD glass is a softly tinted glass that allows you to control the amount of light and glare coming in from the window. Liquid crystal glass is another glass product that allows user control—it can become completely opaque or totally transparent instantly at the touch of a button. Installed in your home, these window products help protect furniture from fading, and protect the neighbors from the view of you in your birthday suit.Appliances connected to the Internet help things run more smoothly in the kitchen. Refrigerators with display screens in the door means you can check stock quotes and the weather while you’re pouring a glass of orange juice. If you’re willing to update what’s in your refrigerator, it will make recipe suggestions based off what’s inside. When staples are running low, your refrigerator can order more groceries online and have them delivered at your convenience.

Once thought of as a hallmark of wealth, smart home technology is now something that can be featured in all homes. What’s next? A mirror that tells you if those pants really do make you look fat? Wallpaper that changes color as often as your mood? Dishes that wash themselves? Until then, I’ll let my concierge handle my less savory chores while I enjoy myself. I’m serious about that happy hour.