All You Need to Know About White Daybeds

Daybeds are becoming more and more popular in many houses in the world today. In fact, it is a very rare thing indeed to walk into a house and find that it does not have a white daybed or any other type such as bunk beds and antique daybeds. It is one of the foremost […]

Black Daybeds Project Sophistication

Black is beautiful. This adage seems to apply to almost anything. A flawlessly long, black hair of a woman is indeed beautiful. Black dresses and suits are very appropriate in formal events as they manifest sophistication. Black automobiles are classy. People in general seem to own at least a pair of black shoes because it […]

Decorating with Daybeds

A daybed is a fantastic addition to any home. Suitable for bedrooms, basements, play areas and even television rooms, daybeds are the perfect combination of a bed and a couch. They have been favored by civilizations through the ages, including the ancient Greeks and Romans. They continue to be popular and can help make your […]

Full Size Daybeds – Two Functionalities In One

Full Size Daybed – Two Functionalities in One Piece of Furniture When you have a full size daybed, you are actually getting the functionality of two separate pieces of furniture in a single piece of furniture. Yes, although this might seem farfetched but it is absolutely true. Having a full size daybed means you get […]

Full Size Daybeds – Elegance & Convenience

Full Size Daybed – What Is It? When you make use of a full size daybed in your home, then you are absolutely on the right track. This proves to be a very convenient piece of furniture, which adds to both the functionality of the room, and to its overall appeal. A full size daybed […]

Today’s Smart Homes Technology

Forget the Jetsons. Today’s smart homes feature technology that would put Rosie the maid out of business.   Glass windows that allow you to enjoy the view without the neighbors enjoying your view; refrigerators that make dinner suggestions based on what’s inside; and touchpanels that control everything from mood lighting to how much television your […]