Decorating with Daybeds

A daybed is a fantastic addition to any home. Suitable for bedrooms, basements, play areas and even television rooms, daybeds are the perfect combination of a bed and a couch. They have been favored by civilizations through the ages, including the ancient Greeks and Romans. They continue to be popular and can help make your home more inviting and luxurious. Available in a wide range of designs and styles, here are just a few ideas for how you can incorporate daybeds into your houses without cramping your decorating style.

Cushions and Comfort

A daybed by itself serves as a lovely twin bed in any room. However, adding cushions to the back of the bed will allow you to instantly convert the bed into a couch. Choose large, fluffy, firm cushions to bolster the back rail of the bed and you instantly have comfortable seating for three to four people. This type of seating arrangement is appealing to children of all ages. It creates a cozy spot for curling up to read a book, have an intimate conversation or just watch some television. Your biggest challenge may be getting your children to vacate the daybed so you can sit down and relax.

Out of the Bedroom
People commonly think of daybeds as being furniture choices for young girls. They don’t have to be relegated to the bedroom, however. Daybeds are an ideal addition to any playroom. The space under the bed provides extra storage for bins of toys, and the comfortable large seating area will become the playground for dolls, animals, cars and even toy trucks. Don’t be surprised to walk in and find your child taking a much-needed nap on the bed. The best part is that all you’ll have to do then is cover your baby with a blanket and turn out the light.

Kids watch TV laying down and sitting up. Put a daybed in the room with the gaming system and you will be amazed at how your child will manage to play video games while reclining on the daybed. The extra size means that several children can gather around to watch the activity. It will become a favorite gathering area for kids and adults alike. Not only will your kids love relaxing on a daybed, but their friends will also get a kick out of it. You should be aware, however, that the clever introduction of a daybed into your family room could turn your place into the preferred teen hangout. You should plan on instituting a strict “everybody out” time, or they might never go home.

360 degrees of Elegance
Daybeds don’t have to be pushed against a wall. They can easily be left in the middle of the room. Many daybeds feature elegant backs that are just as attractive as the sides and fronts. Drape an extra blanket over one end for luxurious, welcoming comfort, or hang it over the back to make the bed even more attractive. The ability to place them in the center of the room makes them perfect for rooms with games and home theater systems. The area under the beds can be left open for a spacious look, or you can hide the space with special bed skirts that match your bedding and the décor.

Redecorate with Bedding
When you’re ready for a change in the room, you don’t have to go out and buy new furniture if you have been using a daybed. All you will have to do is pick up some affordable new bedding. Simply changing the blanket, skirt and pillows can transform a daybed from Victorian elegance to modern simplicity. You can easily decorate for the holidays and different seasons by putting on a fresh blanket and coordinating pillows. Rather than buying new furniture or being stuck with the same look year after year, you can transform the look of your daybed as frequently as you like.

Function and Versatility

Daybeds are comfortable for relaxing and sleeping on. Rather than sticking guests on an uncomfortable sleeper sofa, you can just pull the extra cushions off the daybed and let them relax in true comfort. Expand the possibilities further by choosing a daybed with a trundle bed underneath. This will allow couples to comfortably sleep through the night. Modern daybeds even feature special construction that allows the trundle to blend seamlessly with the rest of the bed for a hidden design that you are sure to appreciate. You can even use the space under the bed for storing bins with games, toys, bedding or other goodies.

Daybeds are the functional marvels of the ages. Dating back to ancient Egypt and Greece, there is still a place for them in modern homes. Put one in the family room and include one in the play room. Your children will love it, guests will be charmed by it, and you will love how versatile and functional they are.

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