Black Daybeds Project Sophistication

Black is beautiful. This adage seems to apply to almost anything. A flawlessly long, black hair of a woman is indeed beautiful. Black dresses and suits are very appropriate in formal events as they manifest sophistication. Black automobiles are classy. People in general seem to own at least a pair of black shoes because it can match almost all, if not all, kinds of wardrobe. Black bags are also in demand because it can be matched with any wardrobe too. Besides, it is easier to clean black bags. Well, who would have thought that black home furnishings will become popular too? You might think that black home furniture might make a room dark, or it might not be that inviting to guests. But actually, black furniture can make a room look sophisticated. A good example of black furniture that projects sophistication is a daybed that is done in black finish. There are actually a number of black daybeds sold in retail stores. And we guarantee you that you will be in awe as soon as you see some of the black daybeds that have been created by furniture makers. Here are some of them:

The Fraser Daybed and Trundle in black finish definitely projects sophistication without fail. The design includes a camel back and scrolled sides. This is a very appropriate furniture piece for people who want their small apartment to have a sophisticated look. The daybed measures 49 1/2 inches high x 89 3/8 inches long x 41 inches wide, while the trundle measures 10 inches high x 74 inches long x 38 inches wide. The perfect bed cover for this black daybed is a white fabric with black prints. Pillows should also be in white fabric with black prints. At the same time, pillows in plain black or gray hues should also be added to complement the printed design. The preferred bed sheet for the mattress in the trundle is color white.

The Black Day Bed Frame With Drawers is designed with corner posts that feature round ball finials. The daybed’s back is very plainly cut in a straight manner while the sides are cut with simple curves. It also features three drawers at the base. This black daybed presents a sophisticated look in a different manner. It seems like a daybed that is ideal for men because it exudes a very manly look. This is a very appropriate piece of furniture in a bachelor’s pad. A thick mattress can be placed on it which ensures maximum comfort when sleeping. With the way this black daybed is made, it seems that any kind of bed cover will suit it just right.

The Brayton Daybed does not only present a sophisticated look, but it also projects a classic look. It features a camel back that is done in an artistically manner. The corners also have ball finials as design. It is made of solid wood and, of course, the finish is in black. The way this black daybed is constructed will make anyone admire the talent of the manufacturer. It projects elegance, making it an ideal piece of furniture in the living room or family spaces. We suggest that owners of this black daybed use a rose-colored cover sheet with small white prints. Pillows of the same design should accentuate it. And in order to put more embellishments, plain white pillows are suggested to be placed beside those printed pillows.

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