Contractor Niche Screw Up?

Some contractors have the luxury of selling or offering one product or service for there company. Piece of cake to market right?

Now, lets talk about how to help that contractor that sells multiple products or services.

After helping several contractors around the country to open there eyes of the correct way to do this I found myself here to help explain it because the results are mind blowing!

First, look at the product or service that makes you the most money or profit. Now look at how many other contractors in your area that do the same thing.

Better yet let me give you an example! Say your a plumber, and lets say in your area there are 45 other plumbers. Now think of all the things plumbers do to make a buck.

Now you have decided that your company makes the highest profit on fixing or repairing toilets. Also after researching the work of the other 45 plumbers in your area, you find that none of them specialize in repairing toilets.

So now your niche will be toilets. So you now run your ad and it says “Toilet Repair Specialist” why hire an expensive plumbers when all you need is your toilet repaired with 24/7 service.

Can you see how you set yourself apart from all the other plumbers in your area?

Now you may still do all types of plumbing service but toilets are now your specialty. Also by doing this the word of mouth of your new specialty toilet service will grow so much faster and your referral business will come alive.

This is how to niche down and find the best profitable product or service to do this with.

So get specialized and watch your income and profits soar.

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